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(Richard Vance)Olinda was very happy to receive it and the apology bouquet was especially well received. Thanks very much, Mucho Gracias, Richard Vance

Richard Vance

(Carol Wang)Hi There, I just spoke to someone from Malaysia , I would presume it's the florist local rep. that assured me the flowers were delivered to the intended address at unit 6 instead of 15. A friend who lives in Kuala Lumpur actually made the call to check if the delivery guy found the right place. Apparently unit 15 is directly opposite unit 6 (intended address) and only 2 houses down the street. However, my friend in Kuala Lumpur has mentioned whomever she spoke to on the phone said the flowers were only being delivered today instead of last night? Can someone please confirm back whether the flowers were actually delivered last night or this afternoon? As it's for a funeral service, it's imperative that our condolences are sent to the right person. I doubt the neighbours would want to keep funeral flowers, but if someone can confirm back then I can be rest assured the flowers were delivered to the right mourning family. Thanking you in advance. (Anna)Dear Carol Wang, Thank you for your order. We would like to inform you that the delivery for funeral flower are delivered yesterday (Here to confirm that we have delivered the order at 5 10pm yesterday. Kindly take note) herewith we give you note from our deliveryman. And according our deliveryman confirm that the recipeint recieved and pass the condolences to the wife as requested. Also it's so easily to find because it's a resort. Please kindly advice and reply to confirm. (Carol Wang)Hi Anna, Thanks for the speedy response. I'm glad the deliveryman managed to find the right place after all. Truly appreciate the fast responses and assistance thus far.

Carol Wang

(Kitty LEUNG)Good service and nice cake. Thank you.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for your perfect service.

Marcus Petermann from Germany

(lloyd douglas)recipient received the flowers in the designated time. Will deffinately use this system again in the very near future.

lloyd douglas

Reasons Why FlowerAdvisor is the Best Flower Delivery Malaysia

The demand of flower bouquets is always high. In Malaysia, there are lot of florist that offer variety of flower bouquets. It gives you many options to send flowers to your loved ones. All you need to do is just choose which one is the best. Florists that provide flower delivery service is what we suggested, especially if you are in rush and have no time to shop offline.

Choosing online florist could be difficult. Those who serve same day delivery service will bring you more satisfaction if you're belong to an instant person. For this, FlowerAdvisor happens as your reliable solution. What make FlowerAdvisor recommended? Learn more about florist that provides excellent service flower delivery Malaysia here.

FlowerAdvisor fits with many special occasion

A special occasion needs a special arrangement. Celebrating something will not be completed without a gift. Is flowers bouquet what you want? You can simply order your floral arrangements from FlowerAdvisor.

FlowerAdvisor is an experienced flower shop that has managed orders for any kind of occasions. Our catalogue consits of floral arrangements that suit for many purposes. If you want to gift a flower bouquet for your lover, just scroll through out website!

Besides accept flower bouquet orders, we also provide many other gift ideas, for example, bithday cakes and hampers.

What is your occasion? Here is what FlowerAdvisor can accommodate you

  1. Birthday parties

    A birthday party ia a moment full of joy. Celebrating this special day with your beloved ones is the most precious thing to do. Basically, birthday parties need a birthday cake as the starter pack. The question is, "where should I order the cake"?

    For this, you can rely on FlowerAdvisor. Belong to our flower delivery service, we also provide cake delivery and birthday flowers bouquet to any place in Malaysia. It makes you will not face the difficulty on finding the best cake for your parties.

    With same day delivery service, you cake will arrive on time. We guarantee that the delivery date will not be delayed. There is nothing to worry about.

  2. Mother's day

    Flowers gifts are not only happen for lover. You can use this item to show your love to your parents, including your mother.

    Mother's day is the best time to send flowers to your hero in life. FlowerAdvisor offers you variety of mother’s day flowers with various flower types you can scroll through our online catalogue.

    Your mother will definitely love those lovely flowers we provided. Our local florists ensure you will not be disappointed with our products.

  3. Funerals

    A flower not only happen for celebration purposes. A flower can also represent sorrow. Therefore, you can see its existence at funerals. Funeral flowers are the item you can consider to show your support during those who lost their loved ones.

    Appear as condolance flowers, our catalogue fits with funerals. Send a condolance flower on a appropriate time to express your love support. This simple act can help the receiver to overcome their loss even though just a little.

    We guarantee you will get fresh flowers in your condolance stand. With those fresh flowers. your message will be delivered well.

  4. . Anniversary

    Looking for the freshest flowers for your anniversary? Keep your eyes on FlowerAdvisor! Not only fits with massive occasions, we also happen for your private occasions, for example, your simple anniversary flowers.

    With our local florists specialty, impress your partner's heart with a gorgeous flower bouquet. All you need to do is just scroll through our official website to find variety of flowers in exquisite designs.

  5. Housewarming

    Did your friend invite you to their housewarming party? For this casual occasion, you can send them a hamper.

    Hampers or parcels are suitable for many of casual occasions, including housewarming parties. With our one day hampers delivery, having your hamper in the exact time is always possible, a perfect deal if you want to get the item instantly without preparing it.

FlowerAdvisor offers various delivery services

One of the considerations before buying floral arragements and other gift ideas from an online florist is the delivery service. Some of you may afraid if it will take too long to get your package arrive. For this, FlowerAdvisor is the best solution for flower delivery in Malaysia. We have many of shipment options, including same day of delivery service that quite fast, perfect if you are in rush and need the quick gift delivery.

What makes our services more interesting is that we also offer free same day delivery to big cities such as capital cities. Even at public holidays, you can use this offer. If the same day of delivery is not what you want at the moment, you can simply choose our regular service with a day flower delivery that promise you to get the package as soon as possible.

FlowerAdvisor also accepts international delivery. If you want to send a gift overseas, our service always here to accomodate you. The process is quite simple, it will not bring you troublesome. Want to keep informed with your package status? The order tracking option is free to use for our customer to make sure their package is 100% safe. We will keep it updated for you.

Choose FlowerAdvisor to get exclusive deals

Online florists is the best answer if you do not have much time and think that it's tiredsome to carry bouquets, especially the one in grand size. Besides provide you free delivery service, we also have plenty of exclusive promotions for our beloved customers.

Our loyalty program allow you to purchase flowers and other gift items without spending too much. It's such a value-deal for anyone who wants the best product with the best gift delivery as well. Furthermore, with our flexible payment methods, it's always possible for you to get the cheaper prices. All you need to do is checking your bank or e-wallet promotions. Handled by FlowerAdvisor's experienced florist, you can always rely on our services and high-quality of our products.